Company Profile

Cross Country Manufacturing, Inc. has been manufacturing quality equipment trailers, landscape trailers and utility trailers since 1981.  We make a wide variety of flatbed trailers, ranging from small utility trailers to 20 ton heavy equipment trailers.   They include trailers designed for hauling landscaping equipment, skid steers, a variety of heavy equipment, snowmobiles, motorcycles, cars, scissor lifts and rollers.  Our trailers are available in tilting designs or with ramps.

We adhere to all Federal regulations regarding trailer manufacturing and our trailers are "road ready" when delivered.

Cross Country Manufacturing, Inc. is located in Upstate New York.  Our central location allows us to distribute trailers to the entire Northeastern United States and Canada at  reasonable delivery rates.

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Cross Country Manufacturing, Inc.
2355 State Highway 206, Greene, NY 13778
(607) 656-4103
(607) 656-7188 FAX